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Quick Land Sale in Nevada – Avoid Common Land Frauds

Quick land sale in Nevada is one way to get rid of property you no longer need. It can also be a great way to make a profit. However, there are some things you should know before making a sale. For example, it is important to conduct a feasibility study before buying vacant land. Failure to do so can lead to a costly investment. This article will help you avoid common land scams and make a wise purchase.

Real estate fraud is not new, but some schemes involving properties have taken on a whole new level of brazenness lately. The latest scam involves fraudulent sellers posing as owners to sell their property, often in the Las Vegas area. It is a relatively easy crime to commit, since Nevada law does not require real estate agents to verify that their clients actually own the properties they’re selling. Fraudsters have even used fake IDs to impersonate property owners and conduct transactions online, according to industry sources.

For example, the owner of a small plot of land in Boulder City was shocked when he learned that it had been sold to a buyer who claimed to have bought it from him. He told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he’d wanted to build a home on the lot, which is squeezed between two homes in a quiet neighborhood. But he was not about to let someone else profit from his hard work.

He called his attorney, who immediately alerted the local authorities. The authorities then contacted the buyer’s broker, who admitted that she had placed the listing and removed it after the police investigation began. She has not been charged.

A similar story out of Reno involved a vacant lot that was purchased by a man who had no business dealings with the seller. The man allegedly paid cash for the property, but the seller never signed a deed to convey it. It is now being resold by the tax collector to a company that claims to be planning a commercial project. The original seller is fighting the sale, hoping to get his property back.

Purchasing land can be a great investment, but it is important to do your research and follow the proper steps. Without a clear plan and thorough checklist, your land may turn out to be a money pit. To prevent this, use this six-step guide when looking for a piece of land for sale in Nevada. By following these tips, you can be sure to find the perfect piece of property for your dreams.

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