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New York Real Estate Continuing Education Requirements

Real Estate Continuing Education is an important part of the requirements to maintain your license to sell real estate. Whether you are a newer broker or an experienced agent, it is always best to keep up to date with current laws and trends in the industry to protect yourself from legal trouble. Keeping up with the latest in real estate is also important to stay competitive and make sure that you can attract potential clients.

Most states require a certain number of hours of Real Estate Continuing Education to renew your license, and the requirements vary from state to state. Some states have special rules for first-time licensing, while others have a shorter window of time in which to complete the required amount of CE hours before your license expires. Regardless of the specific requirements in your state, you can expect to include some course focused on ethics, fair housing, and the law of agency. Many real estate brokers and agents are required to take courses that help them comply with the Fair Housing Act, which helps ensure that all buyers have a chance at purchasing their dream home.

New York has slightly different requirements than most other states in that it requires a mandatory course on the law of agency for both brokers and salespersons. This course is a three and a half hour course that covers topics such as disclosure, the duties of the brokerage firm and the agent, agency relationships between brokers and salespersons, and more. New York brokers and salespersons also must take a course that teaches them how to avoid malpractice and how to avoid discrimination while working in the real estate industry.

Another important requirement for those who wish to sell real estate in New York is the ability to understand and interpret a co-op or condo agreement. This 3.5 hour course is designed to teach real estate professionals about the rules and regulations that govern these types of properties. It will cover topics such as the definition of ownership, the history of condos and co-ops, and how to read and understand a co-op or condo document.

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Continuing education courses are hard enough to fit into your schedule on top of speaking with clients, touring homes and creating appraisals. The best online real estate school will be one that you can do at your own pace, and offers support for any questions or concerns that might arise.

The newest provider on our list, AceableAgent launched just a few years ago and is rapidly making an impact in the real estate education space. Their courses are state-approved, affordable and easy to use. They have also built a strong focus on customer service, which has helped them quickly become an industry leader.

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