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How Much Do Movers Cost?

Moving a house or apartment can be stressful, and hiring movers can make the process easier. They’ll take care of packing, lifting, transporting and unpacking your belongings so you can focus on other aspects of the move.

How much do movers cost?

The cost of a move depends on several factors, including the time of year and the number of items being moved. The price of labor and services are also factors that can impact your final bill.

Choosing the right movers is important, as you want to make sure they’re reputable and experienced. Look for companies with numerous positive reviews on Google, Yelp, and other websites. Additionally, ask friends and family for recommendations.

Paying by the hour is a good way to budget for your move, and it can help you avoid paying extra for a long-winded job that could have been done faster and less expensive by someone else. Be sure to include tipping in your total cost, too.

Insurance and transportation – A good mover should offer insurance for your valuables, so you won’t have to worry about them going missing or getting damaged while they’re in transit. Typically, the average amount of coverage is $10 for every $1000 of value, but this can vary by company.

Elevator & stairs fees – If your movers need to use an elevator or stairs to get to your destination, they’ll probably charge you an additional fee for this. These costs can run between $50 and $100 per flight.

Furniture disassembly / assembly – If you have large pieces of furniture that require disassembly before they can be packed, you’ll likely have to pay an additional fee. Some movers provide this service, and you may even find that it’s cheaper to hire these professionals than to try and do it yourself.

Junk removal – If your old stuff is just taking up space in your home, you might consider having it hauled away as part of the moving process. This can add another $50 – $200 to your bill, depending on the amount of junk you have and how much time it takes them to load it up.

Other services – If you’re moving into a new apartment, you may need to do some painting or other remodeling to get things up and running. Some movers will have a team of handymen on hand to do this work for you, and they’ll also be able to provide any materials needed for the project.

When moving to a bigger place, it’s worth looking into renting a truck or trailer from a moving company for a short-term period of time. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of boxes or fragile items that might be better packaged in a more sturdy container.

You’ll also need to make sure that the truck you rent is well-maintained and has all of the necessary safety equipment. This can add up to a few hundred dollars, but it’s an investment that can be worthwhile in the future when you need to resell some of your belongings or move again.

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