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Choosing a Motorcycle Claim Attorney

When you’re injured in a motorcycle accident, you need to hire an attorney who knows how to handle the case. You should always review an attorney’s track record, read online reviews, and even talk to past clients. However, the most important factor to consider is whether or not your potential attorney has experience handling motorcycle accident cases. Anyone who is admitted to practice law can represent a client in a personal injury case, but it’s crucial that your Motorcycle Claim Attorney understands the laws, processes, and loopholes that are unique to these types of cases.

The first step is to meet with your lawyer to discuss your case and the injuries that you have sustained. Your attorney will also help you determine who may be liable for your damages. This could include negligent drivers or a public entity responsible for roadways that are dangerous to motorcyclists. Your attorney will conduct a thorough investigation, including collecting evidence from the scene of the crash, interviewing witnesses, and consulting experts to help strengthen your case.

A good Motorcycle Claim Attorney will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to get you the compensation that you deserve. They will also protect you from the tactics that insurance companies often use to minimize their payouts. If your lawyer has extensive experience, they will be able to anticipate what the insurer may say and defend you accordingly.

If the insurance company refuses to compensate you, your attorney will file a lawsuit on your behalf. It’s important to file the lawsuit within the statute of limitations set forth by Civil Practice Law & Rules 214. If you don’t, you may lose your right to file a lawsuit.

Your motorcycle accident lawyer will work tirelessly to help you recover the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries and losses. They will help you identify all parties that are liable for your damages, including negligent drivers, a municipality or state responsible for crumbling roads, or the manufacturer of a defective part on your motorcycle. They will then pursue those parties’ insurers for negotiated settlements or favorable court judgments.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact the law firm of Rheingold, Giuffra, Ruffo & Plotkin LLP. They have decades of experience representing New York City and Brooklyn residents in motorcycle accident claims. Their team of attorneys has handled thousands of cases, and their success rate is over 95 percent. They will ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries, financial losses, and emotional distress. They will handle all communication with the insurance companies and ensure that paperwork is filed correctly. They will also assist you in obtaining medical care and arranging for payment of your bills. They’ll also work to ensure that you don’t miss your deadline for filing a lawsuit. Contact them today to schedule a consultation. The initial consultation is free of charge.

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